The name BEWITAL stands for an outstanding entrepreneurial ambition: we supply exclusively high-quality products for the healthy rearing and feeding of livestock and pets. Our services and logistics activities are focused on what our customers really need.

We provide high-quality products and services that are both forward-looking and sustainable. For over 50 years we have been a reliable partner not only for our staff, customers and suppliers but also for the Westmünsterland region where we have deep roots.

Taking the best possible care of the environment and natural resources lies close to our heart. Because that requires a high level of commitment and knowledge, we have always sought to attract innovative thinkers. They are responsible for developing new formulas and processes as well as service-oriented offers – with a view to maximising sustainability.

The BEWITAL Group is currently structured as three owner-run family firms: BEWITAL agri, the livestock feed specialist, BEWITAL petfood, the pet feed specialist, and westrans, our logistics company. Although the range of activities is broad, we all focus on the same values: trust, responsibility, sustainability and quality that satisfies the customer.

Bewital petfood
Petfood Hallen

BEWITAL petfood develops and produces innovative super-premium feeds for dogs and cats, containing extremely high-quality ingredients.

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Bewital Agri

BEWITAL agri develops and produces innovative specialist feeds and feed supplements for livestock that naturally support their health.

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Westrans Logo
Westrans Werkstatt

westrans offers customer-focused services in the transport of partial loads, complete loads and liquids in Germany, the Benelux countries, Austria and Switzerland.

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