BEWITAL family firm and corporate family

BEWITAL was founded in 1963 by Bernhard Wigger. "Business means doing something," was his thought at the time. That is still our guiding idea. Inactivity? No such thing here!

Natural ingredients are BEWITAL’s trademark. The starting point for this philosophy were his own calves, from which Bernhard Wigger used to supply meat to small butchers in the Ruhr region in the early 1960s. "How can I best feed my animals?", he kept asking himself – and started to produce animal feed.

He hired technicians, whose know-how would within a few years make BEWITAL into a popular specialist for young animal nutrition. BEWITAL quickly moved on from producing milk for calves to producing milk substitutes for other young animals such as foals, lambs, goats and puppies. Since the mid-1980s the company has also been developing and making high-quality products for pets according to this concept. BEWITAL products were a resounding commercial success, which has to date led to strong company growth.

In 2001 Bernhard Wigger handed over his life’s work to his children: Ulrike and her husband Jürgen Petershagen, and his son Dr. Jürgen Wigger.

The company has experienced a strong boost in growth since then. Products were continuously refined, new service offers and product lines were added, such as the haulage company westrans which has been a stand-alone group company since 2006. In the agri farming sector, the company has become a leading specialist in encapsulated products aimed at achieving healthy animals with less medication. In the petfood sector, BEWITAL concentrates on products that are as natural as possible.

The company is still owned and run by the Wigger/Petershagen family. The owners, Ulrike Petershagen, Dr. Jürgen Wigger and Jürgen Petershagen also work as directors of the business and continue the family tradition. They feel closely connected to the region.

Dr. Jürgen Wigger

Dr. Jürgen Wigger
Managing director BEWITAL petfood
Shareholder BEWITAL Holding

Ulrike Petershagen

Ulrike Petershagen (geb. Wigger)
Managing director westrans Speditionsgesellschaft, Shareholder BEWITAL Holding

Dipl. Ing. Jürgen Petershagen

Jürgen Petershagen
Managing director BEWITAL agri
Shareholder BEWITAL Holding