BEWITAL in figures

Who we are over 400
Who we are

BEWITAL’s most precious asset are its 400 employees. 130 of them have been with us for more than 10 years, and some for over 40 years. Of course, we train the next generation too: 25 trainees are learning one of 10 interesting careers with us.

How much we produce 56,500 t
of animal feed
How much we produce

Each year we produce over 28,000 tonnes of petfood and over 28,500 tonnes of livestock feed, both of premium quality. This feeds several million pets and farm animals a day in over 50 countries.

What we move 8.5 million km
of transport
What we move

The 150 westrans employees ensure that our fleet of over 80 tarp semitrailers, tankers and silo trucks are always on the road. Every year these HGVs cover around 8.5 million kilometres on Europe’s roads and carry 500,000 tonnes of freight to their destination.

What we produce 1,368,638 kWh
of electricity
What we produce

Our cogeneration plant and photovoltaic array allow us to produce some of the electricity we need ourselves.

How big we are Area of
70.000 m2
How big we are

We manufacture our unique range of pet and livestock feed at our site in Südlohn-Oeding which occupies an area of 70,000 square metres. This is also the starting point for the HGVs of the haulage company westrans setting off for destinations all over Europe.

We are outstanding We are
How we work

What we do, we do properly, as is confirmed by independent institutes. We have received over 20 certificates for our management system, and these are regularly checked.